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Phoenix Ring Manufaktur (Germany) designs, manufactures, sells and supports Sialex®Ring.

This is an innovative solution to the problems caused by “Scale” and “Corrosion” in water bearing pipes and devices attached to these pipes in both industry and the home.

The Sialex®Process allows us to create an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution, to problems caused by scaling and corrosion of pipes and devices attached to these pipes.

This is achieved without the use of chemical or any other consumable. Easy to install on old as well as new water systems, Sialex®Ring is suitable for use in industry and the home.

Compatible with: Refrigeration systems, hot water Systems, Steam boilers, Condensers etc.

Since 2004 we have actively promoted our message in the market.
With more than 6,000 units installed more in Germany; in residential properties, hospitals and industry, as well as internationally, our products offer a credible alternative to the use of chemicals.

Products and services

Sialex®Ring is used in the control of Scale and Corrosion associated with water and it’s interaction with the pipes and devices attached to these pipes.

Sialex®Ring is attached around the outer diameter of water bearing pipes. Sialex®Ring is available to fit water pipes with outer diameters from ½” to 28”. For special projects larger devices can be made available.

Sialex®Ring can be used on old scaled or corroded water systems as well as installed on new systems. Sialex®Ring works by dissolving existing Scaling material, already present in the pipe work.

Sialex® Ring interferes with the normal Scaling process, stopping additional scaling material agglomerating on surfaces and carrying them through the system.

Sialex®Ring is always operating, without electrical connections or consumables. Sialex®Ring can be installed / re-positioned without need to stop water flow or cut into pipes. Sialex®Ring protect extends the operating life of expensive devices (PHE, pumps etc).

Sialex®Ring in industrial applications…

Sialex®Ring in industrial applications…

Sialex® based products offer Industry an easy to work with alternative to chemical treatment for scale and corrosion of water infastructure (pipes, valves, heat exchangers, boilers etc.). Sialex®Rings provide a tried and tested tool to assist management in controlling costs whilst optimizing systems performance.

# Extend preventative maintanance cycle
# Reduce "operating costs"
# No on-going maintanance costs
# No chemical by-products to dispose of

Sialex®Ring in private household

Sialex®Ring in private household

Tested in Industry now for home use, Sialex®Ring offers homeowners an easy to use solution to a common, and potentially, expensive problem (Scale build up in water pipes, showers, boilers, washing machines etc.).

# Easy to install and remove
# No bags of salt to add or filters to replace
# Available to suit all property types
# No chemical by-products created in water
# No annual maintanance costs

Sialex®Ring in different dimensions

Sialex®Ring in different dimensions

These devices are employed in the control of “Scale” and “Corrosion” associated with water pipes and devices exposed to this water, as a result of these pipes carrying water.
These units are installed around the outer circumference of the chosen water pipe.
Sialex®Ring devices are provided in a range sizes suitable for use with water pipe dimension from ½” (DN15) to 28” (DN700) and meet the needs of residential properties as well as the majority of Industrial customers.

News & Innovations

Yet another "Real world" test of Sialex®Ring's ability to remove and control "Boiler Scale" 

As with many from the scientific community, proof of what is offered is critical. Without being aware of all the underlying principles employed in the product's production. A demonstration of the unit in operation cannot be ignored. A particularly difficult "test" was selected. It should be sai...| » Further reading 

Tetrapak, Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Cream separators and Sialex®Ring. 

Tipperary Co-operative, use Sialex®Ring to help control "Scaling" on Plate Heat and Shell and Tube heat exchangers on their " hot water circuits". A further area suitable to benefit from Sialex® is in the Cream separators. These devices are prone to "Scale" build up on flushing jets. Cleaning req...| » Further reading 

Case Study PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger) test results in hard water region 

Industry, hotels, commercial buildings even private homes in "Hard" water areas are at a disadvantage due to "Scale" formation on devices, particularly those attached to "Hot" water circuits. A PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger) with a known "Scaling" problem is selected for testing. The attached case ...| » Further reading 


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Phoenix Ring Manufaktur / Sialex®
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